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Inuinnaqtun and English
Bathurst Inlet is known as Kingaok in Inuinnaqtun, it means “nose mountain” and refers to a geological feature near the community. Kingaok is located on the south coast of Bathurst Inlet at the mouth of the Burnside River about 300km southwest of Cambridge Bay. Like Umingmaktok, Kingaok has a small permanent population of about half a dozen Inuit with up to 25 residents in the summer months. In 1936 it became the site of a Hudson’s Bay Trading Post and a Roman Catholic Mission. The trading post and mission are now part of the Bathurst Inlet Lodge, a centre for ecotourism offering travelers the opportunity to experience the traditional Inuit lifestyle and enjoy the area’s wildlife. The Bathurst Inlet Lodge is also renowned for its collection of journals from the first Franklin Expedition, which spent time in Bathurst Inlet during the summer of 1821 while mapping the arctic coast and searching for the Northwest Passage. The Lodge is 51% owned by the Inuit of Kingaok.
Hudson’s Bay Trading Post; Roman Catholic Mission; Queen Maud Gulf Migratory Bird Sanctuary; Wilberforce Falls
Key Industries: 
Ecotourism; Subsistence Hunting and Fishing
Potential Resources: 
Gold; Diamonds; Uranium; Precious Metals; Base Metals; Nickel-Copper Platinum Group Elements (PGEs)
Keith Peterson
Nunavut Day (July 9th)
(67°34’59” North, 108°30’00” West)