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Inuinnaqtun and English
Bay Chimo is a small traditional community on the northeast coast of Bathurst Inlet about 200km southwest of Cambridge Bay. Inuit call the community Umingmaktok, meaning “like a musk ox”. It is home to a very small population, there are perhaps half a dozen Inuit who reside yearlong in the community with up to 20 residents in the summer months. Umingmaktok is the site of a deserted Hudson’s Bay Trading Post and has become an outpost camp for Inuit families seeking to return to a more traditional way of life. The area is a pristine wilderness with abundant wildlife including arctic fox, fur seals, muskox and char, in addition to the yearly barrenland caribou migration. The community feeds and clothes itself almost exclusively from the surrounding tundra and sea. Inuit from Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk travel to Umingmaktok to attend the Kalvik Frolics celebrations during Easter in April. The Queen Maud Gulf Migratory Bird Sanctuary to the east is the largest in Canada at more than six-million-plus-hectares. The sanctuary is home to almost the entire world population of the Ross’ Goose and is one of a very few nesting areas for the Pacific and Atlantic Brant.
Hudson’s Bay Trading Post; Queen Maud Gulf Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Key Industries: 
Sport Hunting; Subsistence Hunting and Fishing
Potential Resources: 
Gold; Diamonds; Uranium; Precious Metals; Base Metals; Nickel-Copper Platinum Group Elements (PGEs)
Keith Peterson
Kivalik Frolics (April); Nunavut Day (July 9th)
(67°41’56” North, 107° 55’27” West)