1064 (94% Inuit)
Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and English
Gjoa Haven is located on the southeast coast of King William Island in the eastern Kitikmeot. The name Gjoa Haven is from the Norwegian “Gjøahavn” or “Gjøa’s harbour” and was named by Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen for his ship the Gjøa. Its Inuktitut name is Uqsuqtuuq, meaning “place of plenty blubber” and refers to the abundance of sea mammals in the area. In 1903, during his discovery of the Northwest Passage, Roald Amundsen put his ship to anchor at the natural harbour he found at Gjoa Haven. He spent nearly 2 years with the local Netsilik Inuit, learning to live off the land and travel efficiently. The skills he developed during this period were pivotal to his successful navigation of the Northwest Passage and in later expeditions.
Northwest Passage Territorial Park
Key Industries: 
Government (Hamlet and Territorial); Soapstone Carving; Subsistence Hunting and Fishing
Potential Resources: 
Gold; Diamonds
Quqshuun Ilihakvik (Grades K-6); Qiqirtaq High School (Grades 7-12); Nunavut Arctic College
Inuk Pauloosie
Hamlet Day (April 1st); Nunavut Day Activities (July 9th)
(68°37'33” North, 95°52'30” West)