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On March 30th, 2015 the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA) and TMAC Resources Inc. entered into a comprehensive Framework Agreement for the development of the Hope Bay Greenstone Belt which includes the Doris North Gold Mine and the Madrid and Boston advanced exploration projects, among other exploration and development targets. The Agreement is intended to provide long term benefit and certainty to Inuit beneficiaries and long-term development and tenure certainty to TMAC.

One of the major features of this comprehensive agreement is a publicly available Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement (IIBA) for activities on the Hope Bay Belt which addresses socio-economic interests of Inuit in the region, including employment, contracting, and training.

The purpose of the IIBA is to satisfy requirements under article 26 of the NLCA with respect to Doris North and any future Major Development Project in the Hope Bay Belt Area. It is intended by the IIBA to provide benefits to Inuit arising from TMAC’s operations that may fall below the threshold of a Major Development Project.

The benefits to Inuit from the IIBA are to:
• Maximize Inuit training, employment and business opportunities arising from mine operations.
• Ensure that mining operations contribute to community development and well-being in the Kitikmeot Region.
• Contribute to the maintenance and promotion of Inuit Culture, heritage, land based activities and harvesting.
• Establish an effective ongoing working relationship between the parties on the matters covered by the IIBA both acting in a spirit of respect for the goals and aspirations of the other.
• Provide a mechanism through which effective communication and cooperation can take place between the parties to ensure that the IIBA is fully implemented.
• Contribute towards achieving and maintaining a standard of living among Inuit equal to that of persons other than Inuit living and working in Nunavut and to Canadians in general.
• Provide benefits to Inuit that are related to the nature, scale and cost of the project as well as direct and indirect impacts on Inuit.
• Provide benefits that do not place an excessive burden on the proponent and undermine the viability of operations, and
• Not prejudice the ability of other residents of Nunavut to obtain benefits from mine operations.

Under the IIBA, TMAC has a commitment to inform the KIA on a regular basis on both the socio-economic and ecosystem effects of their operations in the Kitikmeot region. Socio-economic effects are to be reported on a regular and timely basis through the IIBA Implementation Committee, TMAC Liaison, and the IIBA Manager. Ecosystem effects are to be reported through the Inuit Environmental Advisory Committee (IEAC) that will be established.

Through these committees, the KIA is being adequately consulted by TMAC Resources Inc. on socio-economic and environmental effects and the potential impacts on the rights of Inuit beneficiaries.

Also the comprehensive Framework Agreement and other regulatory processes related to the Hope Bay Project provide additional opportunities to mitigate potential adverse effects on Inuit people and the environment.

The comprehensive Framework Agreement and the IIBA satisfies all present and future obligations required under the NLCA.

Under the IIBA, the KIA is responsible for the implementation of the following:
• The establishment of the Implementation Committee (IC).
• Recruitment and hiring of IIBA Manager.
• The establishment of the Kitikmeot Qualified Business Registry.
• The establishment of a Business Development Fund to be financed by TMAC.
• The establishment of a Training and Education Fund to be financed by TMAC.
• The setting of employment and procurement targets through the IC in conjunction with TMAC.
• Provide an annual Evaluation Report of Inuit business and employment results.
• The identification of business, educational and government sponsored training opportunities for Inuit and their promotion to people, and
• The development and execution of a communication plan to inform and promote the IIBA and its results to beneficiaries.

Under the IIBA, TMAC Resources Inc. is responsible for the implementation of the following:
• The establishment of the Inuit Environmental Advisory Committee (IEAC).
• Selection of IIBA Liaison.
• Finance the Business Development Fund.
• Finance the Training and Education Fund.
• The setting of employment and procurement targets through the IC in conjunction with KIA.
• Gather and provide employment and contracting data to IC for Evaluation Report.
• Provide an Annual Contracting Forecast to the IC.
• Review Evaluation Report and adjust strategy to meet Inuit training targets.
• Review recruitment policies and adjust them to meet Inuit Employment Targets and maximize Inuit employment.
• Include measures to meet Inuit Training Targets in HR strategy and other educational and training commitments.
• The identification of business, educational and government sponsored training opportunities for Inuit and their promotion to people in conjunction with KIA.
• Provide notice of each Kitikmeot Qualified Business Contract opportunity to Kitikmeot Qualified Businesses.
• Provide information about Kitikmeot communities and encourage contractors to enhance Inuit content.
• Host at least one site visit each for both the IC and the IEAC, and
• Sponsor competition and achievement awards at junior high and high schools in the Kitikmeot region.

The successful execution of the Framework Agreement and the IIBA in conjunction with the Net Smelter Royalty Agreement, the Water and Wildlife Compensation Agreement, the Mineral Rights Agreement with Nunavut Tunnigavik Incorporated (NTI), and KIA’s significant shareholding in TMAC creates substantial benefit for all Inuit in the Kitikmeot region. There will also be further opportunities for spin-off benefits for local municipal governments, the Government of Nunavut, and the Government of Canada.

Further information on the IIBA, Implementation Committee, and IEAC can be obtained from the Director of Planning and Communication at KIA.