One of three administrative regions of Nunavut, the Kitikmeot Region covers roughly 450,000km2. Of this area, 103,360km2 (more than 20%) belong to the Kitikmeot Inuit and are managed for their benefit through the Kitikmeot Inuit Association. Bordered by the two other administrative regions of Nunavut, the Kivalliq (Keewatin) region to the South &West and the Baffin region to the North and East, it also borders the Northwest Territories to its Southwest.

As a region of wide-open tundra, rugged coastline and awe-inspiring beauty the Kitikmeot is also a land of stark contrasts with long cold winters and days without sun giving way to 24-daylight and summer’s short abundance.  Seals, whales, fish, birds, polar bear, caribou and arctic fox are just a few of the many species that represent the wealth of this land and its people.

Originally defined as the Central Arctic region of the Northwest Territories in 1981, the Kitikmeot was renamed according to its traditional Inuit name in 1982.  The region includes the communities of Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, Bay Chimo, Bathurst Inlet, Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak and Kugaaruk.

There is significant potential for development and economic growth in the Kitikmeot through mining and land development; however this potential must be balanced against the interests of Inuit and the preservation of our traditional way of life. The Kitikmeot Inuit Association will ensure controlled development of resources and land in our region while protecting areas for traditional uses such as hunting, trapping and fishing.