The Kitikmeot Corporation is the economic development arm of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association.  100% Inuit owned in our trust, the Kitikmeot Corporation’s vision is:

“A vibrant economic climate; sustainable business and employment opportunities; a skilled and confident population with the capacity and entrepreneurial spirit to take advantage of the business and employment opportunities we create; and ultimately, advancing the economic, social and cultural interests of our people”

 The primary objectives of the Kitikmeot Corporation are:

  • To build a dynamic, strong and sustainable economic base in the Kitikmeot region through careful management of the lands, resources and investments held in its trust
  • To develop, acquire, or invest in profitable and sustainable Ventures in industries beneficial to the social and economic development of the Kitikmeot and its people
  • To develop education, training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities (with the assistance of the KEDC) for the Kitikmeot Inuit through our businesses and joint ventures