Please see below for a list of businesses and joint ventures successfully created and or supported by the Kitikmeot Inuit Association:

The Kitikmeot Inuit Association: Majority or Equal Share Ownership

PolarNet: Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the Kitikmeot region
(867) 983-2176
Cambridge Bay, NU

Polarnet is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kitikmeot Corporation providing high speed internet service in the Kitikmeot communities of Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk, Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak and Kugaaruk.

Originally established in 1997 to provide local dial-up internet service throughout the Kitikmeot, Polarnet is now a member of the Nunavut Broadband Corporation. The Nunavut Broadband Corporation is a consortium established to provide high speed internet throughout Nunavut.
Members of the consortium include: SSI Micro (Qiniq Airware owner, Yellowknife, NT), Polarnet (Kitikmeot ISP), Sakku Arctic Technologies (Rankin Inlet ISP), Nunanet Communications (Iqaluit ISP), and Sanny Internet Services (Sanikiluaq ISP).

Kitikmeot Caterers: Camp Management and Catering Services

(867) 983-2200
Cambridge Bay, NU

Kitikmeot Caterers is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and Horizon North Logistics of Calgary, Alberta. Kitikmeot Caterers provides camp management, catering, janitorial and logistics services to mining and exploration camps throughout the NWT and Nunavut.

It is a key objective of Kitikmeot Caterers to provide training and employment opportunities to the Kitikmeot Inuit. There have been a number of Camp Cook and Camp Attendant courses offered in the region. Through a recent share acquisition by Horizon North, Kitikmeot Caterers
now offer camp supply and logistics services.

Kitikmeot Cementation Mining & Development: Underground Contract Mining and Engineering

(867) 983-2200
Cambridge Bay, NU

Kitikmeot Cementation Mining & Development is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and Cementation Canada of North Bay, Ontario. The company will provide contract mining and engineering services to current and future mining operations in the
Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

With the abundance of undeveloped resources in the North, Kitikmeot Cementation Mining & Development is well positioned for a period of dynamic growth in the near future. The company will facilitate the development of new markets in the diamond and metal mining
industries and will provide training and employment opportunities to the Kitikmeot Inuit.

Cementation Canada is a mine contracting and engineering company specializing in the design and construction of underground mining operations including: mine design, engineering and development; underground contract mining; shaft sinking; and raise boring among others. It is a company with a strong focus on safety and the value of long-term relationships with clients.

Kitikmeot Cementation Mining & Development recently signed a two-year contract, worth an estimated $20 Million Canadian, for the underground development of the Diavik Diamond Mine at Lac De Gras, NWT.

Kitnuna Corporation: Infrastructure Development, Logistics and Environmental Services
(867) 983-7500
Cambridge Bay, NU

The Kitnuna Corporation is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and the Nunasi Corporation providing administrative and financial management to a group of subsidiary companies. The Kitnuna Corporation’s subsidiary companies are:

  • Kitnuna Construction - Project Management & General Contracting
  • Kitnuna Projects - Environmental Services & Public Works
  • Kitnuna Expediting Services - Expediting and Logistics
  • Kitikmeot Supplies - Building Materials Retail
  • Kitnuna Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical Services
  • Natik Plumbing & Heating Ltd - Plumbing and Heating Services
  • Kitnuna Petroleum - Fuel Service

The Kitnuna Corporation, formerly Fred H. Ross and Associates, has an important role to play in providing employment and training opportunities in the Kitikmeot. Our partner, the Nunasi Corporation brings invaluable experience and access to important partnerships with its
subsidiary businesses critical to the continued success and growth of the Kitnuna Corporation.

Kitikmeot Explosives: Explosives and Blasting Services
(403) 255-7776
Calgary, AB

Kitikmeot Explosives is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and Explosives Limited of Calgary, Alberta. Explosives Limited is a leader in providing explosives, technical expertise, logistics and operational support to customers in the seismic, oil and gas, mining and
construction industries.

Kitikmeot Explosives was established to provide packaged and bulk explosives, detonating systems, blasting accessories, industrial supplies, oilfield supplies and safety equipment to mining and exploration projects throughout Nunavut. Though there will be limited employment
and training opportunities with Kitikmeot Explosives directly, the exploration and development they support should result in significant economic benefits to the region and its people.

Medic North Nunavut: Remote Area Medical Services
(867) 669-9111
Toll free: 1-866-578-9111
Yellowknife, NT

Medic North Nunavut is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and Medic North Emergency Services of Yellowknife, NT. Medic North Emergency Services has provided health care professionals, pre-hospital care, medical equipment and supplies, facilities and emergency vehicles to the exploration, mining, oil and gas, and construction industries in the North since 1995.

Medic North Nunavut is dedicated to achieving excellence in the pre-hospital care and the highest levels of patient and client satisfaction, without compromise. This same commitment propelled Medic North Emergency Services to its current position as Canada’s premier industrial
medical services provider and will be fundamental to the success of Medic North Nunavut.

The Kitikmeot Inuit Association - Minority Ownership:

Nuna Group of Companies: Construction, Contract Mining and Mine Support, Logistics, Infrastructure Development and Training
(604) 682-4667
Vancouver, BC

The Nuna Group of Companies is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation, Nunasi Corporation and Pilot Shipping of Vancouver, BC. Offering a range of services including comprehensive construction, logistics, infrastructure development, contract mining, and mining
support services to the mining and exploration industries in the North, the Nuna Group of Companies is an organisation in a period of dynamic growth.

The Nuna Group of Companies is committed to training and hiring Inuit employees and purchases the majority of its supplies and equipment through Northern companies. Subsidiaries of the Nuna Group of Companies are:

  • Nuna Contracting - Contract Mining, Earthworks, Frozen Core Dam and Dike Construction and Site Access Road Construction and Operation
  • Nuna Site Services - Site and Equipment Support
  • Nuna Training Technologies - Heavy Equipment Simulator Training
  • Nuna Winter Road Services - Winter Road Construction and Operation

Toromont Arctic: Heavy Equipment Sales and Servicing
(867) 979-4178
Iqaluit, NU

Toromont Arctic is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation, Sakku Investments Corporation, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation and Toromont Industries of Concord, Ontario. With branches in three communities, Cambridge Bay, Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet, Toromont Artic is the only Caterpillar dealer in Nunavut.

Toromont Arctic offers comprehensive sales, brokerage, rental, servicing and support for all Caterpillar products, from a single unit to an entire fleet. Toromont Arctic ensures the North’s exploration, mining and oil and gas industries have access to all the equipment they need.

Ryfan Nunavut: Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
(867) 765-6100
Yellowknife, NT

Ryfan Nunavut is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation, the Nunasi Corporation and Ryfan Electric of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Ryfan Nunavut will have an important role in supplying electrical and industrial mechanical services to mining and exploration
projects throughout Nunavut.

Ryfan Nunavut will play a key role in providing employment and training opportunities throughout Nunavut. A strong focus on safety, quality control and environmental responsibility are important priorities of Ryfan Nunavut and will be fundamental to its long-term success.

I&D Management: Human Resource Management and Employee Recruitment
(867) 766-4914
Yellowknife, NT

I&D Management is 100% aboriginally owned by a consortium of Inuit and Dene development corporations. The ownership group includes the Kitikmeot Corporation, TliCho Investment Corporation, Deton' Cho Corporation and the Denesoline Corporation. I&D Management
provides professional human resource management, employee recruitment and employment support services to mining and exploration projects throughout the North.

I&D Management’s primary client is Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. providing about 20% of Diavik’s site based workforce. I&D’s employees operate haul trucks, excavators, dozers, and other heavy equipment at Diavik’s mine site about 300km northeast of Yellowknife. I&D
Management is committed to the North, roughly 75% of I&D’s employees are Northerners and over 50% are aboriginal.

Diamonds International Canada: Diamond Evaluation

(867) 873-9880
Yellowknife, NT

Diamonds International Canada (DICAN) is a joint venture between Aboriginal Diamonds Group and WWW International Diamond Consultants of London, England. The Aboriginal Diamonds Group is an equal partnership between the Kitikmeot Corporation, Denton' Cho Corporation and the TliCho Investment Corporation.

DICAN is Canada's federal government diamond valuator for Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. The Aboriginal Diamonds Group manages the Canadian administration of DICAN with WWW International Diamond Consultants providing technical expertise and management experience. DICAN is dedicated to developing the technical knowledge and skills of Northerners and other Canadians in diamond evaluation and the diamond industry in general.

NCC Investment Group: Property Management and Development

(867) 979-2600
Iqaluit, NU

NCC Investment Group is a joint venture between the four birthright development corporations of Nunavut: the Kitikmeot Corporation, Nunasi Corporation, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation and Sakku Investments Corporation. The NCC Investment Group has three subsidiaries: NCC Development, NCC Residential Properties and NCC Commercial Properties.

The Nunavut Construction Corporation played a significant role in the development of new infrastructure and housing for the Government of Nunavut prior to division. Its real estate holding companies, NCC Residential Properties and NCC Commercial Properties manage many
of the properties developed during this period while NCC Development continues to develop both infrastructure and housing projects throughout Nunavut.

Larga Edmonton: Medical Travel Residence and Assistance
(780) 477-6284
Edmonton, AB

Larga Edmonton is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation and the Nunasi Corporation providing a residence and medical travel assistance to patients from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories who require medical treatment unavailable in the North.
Larga Edmonton provides appointment scheduling, referrals, transportation, accommodation and medical escorts through its 35 bed facility located near downtown Edmonton. Larga Kitikmeot is a new facility scheduled to open in September 2009 providing patients from
Nunavut with similar services for medical appointments at Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The new facility will be located at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Matonabee Street near downtown.

Nunavut Insurance: Insurance Brokerage
(867) 645-2734
Toll-Free: 1-866-645-2734
Rankin Inlet, NU

Nunavut Insurance is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation, Nunasi Corporation, Sakku Investments Corporation and Horizon Insurance of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nunavut Insurance offers comprehensive property, automobile, commercial, travel and life insurance
coverage throughout Nunavut from offices in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet, with a new office planned for Cambridge Bay.

Nunavut Insurance is the only Inuit owned and operated insurance broker and offers service in both English and Inuktitut. Nunavut Insurance is dedicated to training and employing Inuit and Northern employees.

Nasittuq Corporation: North Warning System Operations and Maintenance
(613) 234-9033
Ottawa, ON

The Nasittuq Corporation is a joint venture between Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics and ATCO Frontec of Calgary, Alberta. The Nasittuq Corporation operated and maintains the Canadian based sites of the North Warning System on behalf of the Department of National Defence and NORAD. Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics is a consortium of Inuit development corporations from the four settled
Inuit land claims regions in Canada. The seven partners in Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics are:

  • The Kitikmeot Corporation
  • The Nunasi Corporation
  • The Sakku Investments Corporation
  • The Inuvialuit Development Corporation
  • The Makivik Corporation
  • The Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
  • The Labrador Inuit Development Corporation

Through training programs and employment opportunities the Nasittuq Corporation is dedicated to preserving the proud heritage of Inuit "DEW Liners" and North Warning System pioneers who have served as Canada’s Arctic sentinels for generations.

Top of the World Travel: Corporate Travel Services
(867) 766-6000
Yellowknife, NT

Top of the World Travel is a joint venture between the Kitikmeot Corporation, Nunasi Corporation and the original partners of Top of the World Travel and YZF Corporate Travel of Yellowknife from before their merger in the year 2000.

Top of the World Travel is the largest full-service travel agency in the North with branches in Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Edmonton. Serving both corporate and individual clients, Top of the World Travel is well positioned to serve the unique needs of Northern travelers and visitors.